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Medical Billing & Coding

Medical Billing & Coding


We Are Experts in Billing & Coding


We work with commercial insurance companies, Medicaid, and Medicare to ensure patients are billed accurately. We manage your denials and rejections to help increase your revenue.

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Have peace of mind knowing that experts are managing your claims!
Intake/Prior Authorizations:

The 365MBS team will take care of your patient intake information and verify benefits with the insurance prior to the patient’s appointment. A prior authorization will be submitted to the insurance by 365MBS on your behalf, if needed after verification is completed. This will help reduce your employees’ time and costs.

Medical Coding

Medical Coding:

Every insurance carrier has different standards and guidelines for billing. Our team of billing experts stay up to date with insurance guidelines and standards and inform you of any changes right away. Customizing a superbill based on your needs with accurate coding will streamline the process, enhance efficiency, and boost revenue.

Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports:

Keeping you informed along the way, we provide complete reports on all aspects of your practice, clinic, or lab to make sure it is running effectively and smoothly. Our monthly reports give you a breakdown of expenses, revenue generated, and any pending revenue. Generating monthly patient statements is an optional service we provide based on your needs.

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Billing / Denials / Rejections / Payments


With over a decade of experience, our billing experts understand the complexities of billing. We are able to improve payments received with no delays through effective appeals process, denial management, and coding process. We file claims in all 50 states. 365MBS will enroll you into electronic claim submission, electronic funds transfer, and electronic remittances to speed up the billing process with insurances. If you're not in network with an insurance carrier, no problem, our credentialing team will get you credentialed and contracted!

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