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365MBS's startup knowledge and information to become a successful DME Provider. From concept to reality, we can help you take your strategy from a simple idea to the point where it is ready to be implemented.

Start Your Own DME Company​

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From obtaining your National Provider Identification (NPI) number to collecting the first payment on your DME billing, we guide you every step of the way! 365mbs will meet your DME needs for staffing, training, documentation, products, policy/procedure implementation, and networking. Our DME team of experts get you in contact with manufacturers, sales reps, physicians for referrals, and many other avenues for growing your new DME company. Rumor has it that “DME is difficult” but we make it easy for you!



Our DME and credentialing experts will guide you into obtaining your DME PTAN Medicare number and becoming an in-network DME provider with insurances. This will allow you to dispense durable medical equipment in your office, meeting the treatment needs of your patients. The medical industry is ever-changing: leave it up to us to ensure you’re compliant and meet standards. Regardless of what state you’re located in, we closely follow guideline updates and policy changes for all insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, workers compensation, and auto insurance.

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