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If you could go right now, where would you go on your dream vacation?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Being in the #healthcare industry, we know you're facing unprecedented demands right now. The idea of getting away and escaping from the world around you seems out of reach. You're telling yourself, "that's next year's goal". While you may be right, here at 365MBS, we think it's never a bad idea to continue to plan or dream for the future!

We all would like to get away and escape from the world around us. That may not be possible now, but we encourage you to take a little break and a short mental #vacation away from the stress and demands of your job. But just a little one, because we need you!

So, 365MBS wants to know, where would you like to go?

How about a tropical beach?

Dig your toes in the warm sand and feel the tropical breeze as you bask in the sunshine. Nothing but white sand and blue green ocean in front of you as the waves crash gently on the shore. Sip icy cold beverages from frothy glasses with little umbrellas and chunks of fresh fruit. The blue sky overhead has only wisps of clouds and melts into the ocean view that goes on for miles. Hear the gentle wind blowing and birds calling. Breath in the salty crisp scent of the ocean air and feel the soft sand beneath your feet. You are in paradise.

Maybe a cabin in the mountains is more your scene?

High above the world where the air is crisp and clean, the world melts away. Snug in a log cabin, the large fireplace logs crackle and spark filling the room with gentle smoky aroma. Sitting out on the spacious porch you can see beautiful evergreens, oak trees and maple trees as far as the eye can see. Bright blue skies with puffy white clouds slowly moving past allow you to see every bird, every branch. Squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks skidder past scurrying from tree to tree while blue jays, cardinals, orioles and robins swoop through the sky calling sweetly to one another. This is heaven on earth.

A romantic getaway in enchanting Paris?

Night has fallen but in beautiful intoxicating Paris it is as bright as day. The energy of the city is electric. Stare in wonder and the magnificent unmistakable Eiffel Tower. It shines like a beacon of joy, a sly smile in the City of Love. Float on a cloud of happiness through the charming city streets. Stop at a small cafe and sip a luxurious cup of coffee while enjoying the softest croissant that simply melts in your mouth. Watch as tourists and Parisians alike saunder by. The air is crisp and sweet. The sky is full of stars. This night was made for you to enjoy.

There are so many places you could go!

Where would you go? Let us know, leave a comment below!

At 365MBS we want to help make your practice a success. We know this means you have to take care of you. We are thankful for the hard work and dedication you provide every day. Remember to take some time for you, too!

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Unknown member
Apr 15, 2020

Cabin in the mountains or woods! Especially right now ;)

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